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high frequency corona resistance enamelled aluminum wire

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With the development of technology, quality and price of enameled aluminum wire, the market share of enameled aluminum wire is expanding. It is widely used in electrical products such as motors, electrical appliances, electrical instruments, telecommunication devices and the windings and components of household appliances. At present, the airless compressor enameled aluminum wire is gradually replacing the airless enameled copper wire, However, the enameled wire of airless compressor must meet the requirements of airless refrigeration system in production and use. The airless refrigerant meets the requirements of environmental protection. At the same time, it has requirements for the compatibility of enameled wire, which has higher quality requirements than ordinary enameled wire. This is because the compressor will produce high-frequency pulse wave in the working process, which can accelerate the aging of insulation parts of motor and produce corona, The common frequency conversion motor of enameled wire is easy to produce instantaneous breakdown, and the service life of the motor is greatly reduced. Compressors all contain R22, R134a, R407C and other refrigerants, which are corrosive. If the enameled wire works for a long time in the environment with refrigerant, refrigerator oil, high temperature, high voltage and corrosion, it should have good resistance to refrigerant, high temperature, corrosion and high voltage besides anti corona effect.

Therefore, the product adhesion of enameled aluminum wire for airless compressor has higher requirements, and to meet the requirements of airless refrigeration system and airless refrigerant, it is necessary to establish and improve the experimental methods and related experimental equipment of enameled aluminum wire for airless compressor.
In order to improve the adhesion of enamelled aluminum wire and large-scale enamelled aluminum round wire products, meet the harsh processing procedures, optimize the production process of enamelled aluminum wire and product improvement is imperative, especially for the production of 220 grade high frequency corona resistance enabled aluminum wire products.
How to solve and meet the above product quality requirements, improve the high adhesion of the enameled aluminum wire, and produce the enameled aluminum wire that meets the requirements of high adhesion, so as to meet the production requirements of the airless compressor, especially the airless refrigerator compressor, so as to greatly reduce the production cost of the above products.
Signi aluminum improves the adhesion of insulating paint on the coated aluminum wire, including cleaning the aluminum wire, improving the paint layer and painting process, and adding paint film coating at the same time, so as to produce high frequency corona resistance enabled aluminum wire with high film adhesion, meeting the production requirements of airless compressor, especially the production requirements of airless refrigerator compressor, And replace enameled copper wire, so as to greatly reduce the production cost.
The invention is characterized in that the method for improving the paint film coating and painting process comprises the following steps:
(1) The aluminum wire was cleaned and annealed at the temperature of 52 (TC) in the upper layer and 50 (TC) in the lower layer;
(2) Painting; First, the primer layer is coated, and the thickness of the primer layer is controlled to be 0.002 ~ 0.008mm; Then, the primer coat is coated with an intermediate coat, and the thickness of the coat is controlled to be 0.060 ~ 0.073mm; Then apply the top coat on the intermediate coat, and control the thickness of the top coat to be 0.017 ~ 0.024mm; It is wet enameled aluminum wire;
(3) Drying compensation; Place the wet enameled aluminum wire in the oven in step (2) for drying, control the inlet temperature of the oven to be 290 ~ 31 (TC), the lower temperature of the oven to be 340 ~ 37 (TC), the temperature in the oven to be 450 ~ 46 (TC), and the temperature in the curing zone to be 525 ~ 54 (TC), which is semi-finished enameled aluminum wire
(4) The semi-finished enameled aluminum wire in step (3) is cooled, lubricated, rewound, inspected and packaged.