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Aluminium Foil Coil Conductor of Epoxy Dry Type Transformer

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2017-08-28 17:52
Special analysis of aluminium foil coil conductor of epoxy dry type transformer

Due to the shape of the transformer aluminum foil coil produced by the epoxy dry type transformer, the structure of the transformer aluminum foil coil is different from each other in structure, and has the following characteristics:

1. Because the transformer aluminum foil coil is adopted, the utility model has less space than the cylindrical coil conductor, and the effective working area is improved. The result is that the epoxy dry type transformer with aluminum foil coil can realize small lightweight.
2. Suppress thermal stress. When the coil of the epoxy dry type transformer is running, the temperature changes due to the change of load. At this point, thermal stress is generated due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the epoxy resin and the conductor in the coil. The use of foil coils reduces the thermal stress.
3. High insulation reliability. The transformer aluminum foil coil adopts one layer and one layer pouring method, and the turn to turn voltage is usually every turn potential. Therefore, the inter turn voltage can be controlled to a minimum, and the insulation of the aluminum foil coil is stronger than that of the cylindrical coil.
4. Safety of impact.
When the vacuum switch is used on one side of the transformer, the closing of the switch will cause an impact. Especially when the particle inrush current of the transformer and the light load current are cut off, the electromagnetic energy stored in the transformer coil will be released, resulting in impact voltage.
There is a capacitance between the coil and the core of the transformer and other coils. At the same time, there is a direct capacitance between the conductors in the coil. Therefore, the potential fluctuation occurs when the shock wave is affected by the impact voltage. And the use of aluminum foil coil, and compared to the general coil, conductor capacitance increases, can inhibit potential fluctuations, is conducive to insulation safety.
In a word, the coil of the epoxy dry-type transformer is manufactured by using aluminium foil conductor. It is not only technically reliable, but also economically more economical. An epoxy dry type transformer with an transformer aluminum foil coil can reduce investment and reduce operating costs.