aluminum foil strip


  • aluminum wire for transformer windings

    aluminum wire for transformer windings

    Aluminum wire for transformers winding generally refers to the insulated wire used to manufacture coils or windings in electrical goods, so it is called winding wire. It is necessary to meet the needs of a variety of application and manufac...

  • subwoofer voice coil wire

    subwoofer voice coil wire

    Subwoofer voice coil wire is usually composed of self melting enamelled wires, such as enamelled oxygen free copper wire, copper-clad aluminum wire, pure aluminum wire, etc. The flat wire is wrapped with an insulating paint layer, which has...

  • speaker voice coil wire

    speaker voice coil wire

    Speak voice coil wire is copper alloy self-adhesive enamelled wire specially designed for high mechanical performance applications. This high tension wire has stronger tensile resistance, higher reliability, higher conductivity and better be...

  • foil type winding in transformer

    foil type winding in transformer

    Foil type winding in transformer takes copper or aluminum foil strips of different thicknesses as conductors, wide-band insulating materials as interlayer insulation and narrow-band insulating materials as end insulation, and completes wind...

  • dry type transformer winding material

    dry type transformer winding material

    In China, the application scope of most dry-type transformers is mainly concentrated in high-rise buildings, local lighting, docks and airports, as well as CNC machine tool lamps and mechanical equipment. From the perspective of structural c...