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conductive carbon coated aluminum foil

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2021-07-19 17:56
Compared with traditional aluminum foil, conductive carbon coated aluminum foil has good conductivity, low internal resistance and strong mechanical properties
It can avoid the burr caused by short circuit, improve the adhesion of electrode materials, increase the discharge capacity of the battery and prolong the service life of lithium-ion battery.

Technical data Out look Double sided coating, 1 micron thick on each side
Density 0.5g/m2
Surface resistivity <30 Ω/25um ^ 2
Purity of aluminum foil > 99.9%
Aluminum foil thickness 16micron
Coating width 200mm
Total width 260毫米
Total thickness 18micron
Packaging Details of conductive carbon coated aluminum foil:
1 Standard exported package : Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way,

3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damage part for you for free.