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Special Enamelled Wire for Military Ship Generator

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2022-03-15 17:50
With the increasingly fierce competition in the enamelled wire market, the current conventional enamelled wire varieties have entered a low profit era due to the mature and stable process technology. In order to survive and develop, enterprises must strengthen the research and development of new products, especially for new energy vehicles, 5g, military industry Research and development of new products for special enamelled wires used in domestic emerging fields such as rail transit, so as to improve the technical level of products and the market competitiveness of the industry. While increasing the construction of hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and other power stations, China has also introduced the manufacturing and processing technology of some foreign large generator units such as Siemens, Alstom and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Enamelled wire products are the core components of generator sets, and most of them are imported enamelled wires, which leads to a significant increase in the manufacturing and processing cost of generator sets.
In order to break through the blockade of foreign technology and the purchase restrictions of raw materials, the research process on the localization of special enamelled wires for generator sets has been further accelerated. Therefore, it also gave birth to a large number of manufacturers of special enamelled wires for large generators. Facing the domestic production demand, our company cooperates with a well-known domestic enterprise producing military ship generators to develop a heat-resistant grade of 200 for military ship generators Φ The special enamelled wire with large specification of more than 2.00mm, zero pinhole, high flexibility, high adhesion and high impregnation resistance requirements makes the products enter the high-end market of enamelled wire products in the military ship generator industry, thus expanding the company's new varieties and technical reserves of enamelled wire and improving the company's technological innovation ability and new product R & D ability.
Special enamelled wire products suitable for generators of new military ships must meet the needs of harsh working environment. In addition to long-term erosion damage such as high temperature, high humidity, high salt fog, dust, smoke and oil mist and mechanical damage such as equipment vibration and impact, they must also withstand water splashing or short immersion of generators under special circumstances, Thus, the aging of generator insulation materials is exacerbated, resulting in the cracking of enamelled wire for generator winding. Therefore, the generator winding must undergo special paint dipping treatment according to the requirements of damp heat motor to make it have good moisture-proof, smoke and salt fog resistance. This series of special enamelled wire products for military marine generators must meet the special requirements of repeated secondary vacuum pressure impregnation after high temperature baking at 180 ° C, and operate stably in the insulation system with heat resistance grade of 200 ° C for a long time. Therefore, when the special enamelled wire products are wound into the motor winding and impregnated with paint, it can meet the requirements of different impregnated paint on the adhesion of paint film. Due to the large power of military ship generator, the specification of enamelled wire for phase application is also large( Φ 2.00mm) and the larger the specification of enamelled wire, the lower its flexibility and adhesion. The above conditions determine that the special enamelled wire products for military marine generators must be innovative in process technology and product functions. High temperature resistance, zero pinhole, good flexibility, high adhesion and high impregnation resistance are the characteristic highlights of this series of products.
Special enamelled wire series products for military marine generators have strict quality requirements. Its performance indexes such as conductor out of roundness, paint film eccentricity, flexibility, adhesion, thermal shock, solvent resistance, oil resistance, breakdown voltage, salt water pinhole, static friction coefficient and high impregnation resistance are higher than those of GB / t6109 20-2008 standard.
Signi aluminum has successfully developed special enamelled wire products for military marine generators in cooperation with well-known military enterprises. The products meet various technical requirements of customers. Among them, the indexes such as adhesion, high impregnation resistance and overall reliability are significantly better than other enamelled wire manufacturers at home and abroad. It began mass production and supply in March 2019. This product has become the high-end product of the company's enamelled wire products, laying the foundation for mining and seizing the high-end product market of medium enamelled wire, thus expanding the company's new varieties and technical reserves of enamelled wire, and improving the scientific research and innovation and R & D capacity of new products.