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EC grade aluminum transformer foil strip

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The main component of any transformer consists of three parts. First, the magnetic circuit part is the core part of the transformer; second, the circuit part is the winding, or coil; third, the cooling system, for dry-type transformer is the fan, for oil-type transformer is the transformer oil.

Circuit part of the winding, or coil, according to the material to be divided into copper wire, EC grade aluminum transformer wire, copper foil, EC grade aluminum transformer foil strip.

Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides 99.6%, 99.7% of the transformer aluminium foil, 1070, 1060 electrical EC grade transformer aluminium foil strip after purification. The conductivity of this kind of aluminium foil is more than 62.7% at 20 C. In addition, the EC grade transformer aluminium foil strip is treated by special edge without burr, and the coating includes insulation. When the edge material is not short circuited. The quality of products is excellent, and exported to Japan, Korea, the United States, Germany, the main customers are Toshiba, Siemens, Schneider and so on.