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Copper clad aluminum enamelled round wire

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Enamelled wire is the main raw material for winding electromagnetic coil in motor manufacturing industry. Copper clad aluminum enamelled round wire is a substitute for copper coated wire in the international market, which has been proved by the increasing impact of copper coated wire in China. Traditionally, copper enamelled wire uses oxygen free copper with copper content of more than 99.95% as raw material, which has high cost, while the production of copper-clad aluminum enamelled wire greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of motor industry.
Copper clad aluminum enamelled round wire can effectively reduce high-frequency signal interference and magnetic field interference, as well as reduce the weight of large and medium-sized motors. This product will play a strong role in promoting the development of national economy, the improvement of technical level in relevant industries and the reduction of manufacturing costs. It is also a technological revolution in enamelled wire and motor industry.

  1. Light weight
The density of copper clad aluminum wire is 3.63g/cm3, and its ratio to the length of copper wire with the same specification and weight is about 2.5 times that of copper wire. It is very effective to reduce the weight of cable and coil, and can significantly improve the product performance in the field of audio coil.
  1. Good DC resistance.
The DC resistivity of copper-clad aluminum is about 1.5 times that of copper wire. When the resistance value is the same, its wire diameter is about 1.2 times that of copper wire.
  1. Good solderability
Copper clad aluminum wire has the same solderability as pure copper wire because its surface is concentrically coated with a layer of pure copper. It does not need to be welded like aluminum wire, and special treatment is required.
  1. Low cost
Compared with pure copper wire, copper clad aluminum wire can reduce the production cost by 40% - 60% in some fields.
Copper clad aluminum enamelled round wire is a kind of bimetallic material composed of uniform, continuous and tight copper layer on the outside of a round aluminum wire, and then evenly coated with cured resin insulated winding wire
Copper clad aluminum enamelled round wire has mature production technology, low price and reliable quality. It is a development trend of market economy that copper-clad aluminum enamelled wire replaces copper enamelled wire in motor manufacturing industry.