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Aluminum wire foil for transformer winding

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2018-10-15 15:35
At present, many transformer manufacturers in China are using aluminum wire or aluminum foil to produce transformers.

Aluminum wire foil for transformer winding

The use of aluminum conductors in transformers is very common in Europe and America. Because aluminium is much cheaper than copper and its density is much smaller than copper, aluminium with the same cross-section is much lighter than copper, but its conductivity is not much lower than copper (Copper:1.7*10-8 Ω·m/ Aluminum:2.9*10-8 Ω·m), as long as a larger cross-section of aluminium material is selected, it can achieve the same or even lower power consumption as copper. Moreover, for epoxy cast dry-type transformer, the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage coefficient of aluminum is closer to that of copper than that of epoxy resin, so the cracking resistance of aluminum coil is better than that of copper coil. And because the strength of the dry epoxy casting coil itself is very good, so the mechanical strength gap between copper and aluminum has no practical significance.

As long as the technical parameters of the transformer are uniform, the copper or aluminum used for the coil will be the same for the customers. Aluminum wire foil for transformer winding
 is also a good choice.