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1650 mm Aluminium strip hot rolling mill

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2017-08-08 15:25
Signi Aluminium 1650 mm Aluminium strip hot rolling mill at the new speed
    Signi Aluminium co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Signi Aluminium") for the xinjiang and the design and manufacture co., LTD. 1650 mm Aluminium strip hot rolling unit, after the scene debugging personnel 35 days work overtime of nervous debugging, on March 26, one-time pick-up successful commissioning, created Signi Aluminium fastest progress in the history of hot commissioning and debugging best effect.
    All 1650 mm hot rolling mill of xinjiang uygur autonomous region and high precision electronic aluminum foil technical renovation project of important equipment, is also Signi Aluminium following the successful design and manufacture of 800 mm aluminum foil rolling mill, cleaning line of 1300 mm, 800 mm hot rolling units, 1500 mm cold rolling mill, and many other models, and xinjiang and the successful cooperation once again.The collaboration is Signi Aluminium accumulated experience, will further consolidate the Signi Aluminium in the leading position in the field of non-ferrous metal processing equipment.