aluminum foil strip


  • aluminum strips for transformer winding

    aluminum strips for transformer winding

    Aluminum strips for transformer winding uses high-quality pure aluminum as raw material, with high conductivity, soft quality and other characteristics, smooth surface, no burrs, is the ideal material for the production of dry-type transfor...

  • aluminum winding wire manufacturer in China

    aluminum winding wire manufacturer in China

    Signi Aluminum is a large aluminum winding wire manufacturer and supplier in China,we can produce aluminum winding wire with good quality and reasonable price,has received good feedback from customers about aluminum winding wire...

  • transformer aluminum foil tape

    transformer aluminum foil tape

    Henan signi aluminum has been the main transformer aluminum foil tape supplier in China since year 2002, mainly producing 1050 1060 1070 1050A 1070A 1350 1370 transformer aluminum foil tape . Transformer aluminum foil tape has aluminum conte...

  • transformer aluminum coil strip

    transformer aluminum coil strip

    The raw material of transformer aluminum coil strip is pure aluminum cast-rolled aluminum coil or hot-rolled aluminum coil, which is rolled into a thin aluminum coil of different thickness and width by a cold rolling machine, and then longit...

  • Nylon enameled aluminum round wire

    Nylon enameled aluminum round wire

    With the goal of promoting the development of the electromagnetic wire industry, Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. vigorously implemented a brand-name strategy. The 200-level corona-resistant enamelled aluminum round wire independently develope...