aluminum foil strip


  • enamelled aluminium winding wire

    enamelled aluminium winding wire

    In the 1990s, enamelled aluminum winding wire was widely used in Europe and America, and enamelled aluminum wire was used in wire and cable, power transformer, motor and other fields. All the enameled aluminum wires are made of high-purity a...

  • Aluminium winding transformer

    Aluminium winding transformer

    Both aluminum and copper wires are high-quality conductors and are widely used in the electrical industry. The IEC standard does not specify which conductors to use. Anything that can meet various performance requirements such as electrical...

  • Advantages of aluminum foil winding transformer

    Advantages of aluminum foil winding transformer

    The coil of the transformer is the core of the transformer equipment. The performance of the transformer largely depends on the material of the coil. At the same time, the development and use of the coil material also represents the technolo...

  • Aluminum strip for transformer

    Aluminum strip for transformer

    Copper strip has always been a key raw material for the manufacture of transformer windings. At present, the domestic demand for copper coils for transformers is about 1.1 million tons. However, due to the high prices of copper strips in rec...

  • Casting 1060 Aluminium Strip for Dry-type Transform

    Casting 1060 Aluminium Strip for Dry-type Transform

    With the development of the countrys economy, the power consumption of domestic transformers has greatly increased, and the demand for dry-type transformers has increased even more. Compared with oil-type transformers, dry-type transformers...