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aluminum foil strip

Polyester Film Aluminium Wire

Product Details :

Payment & Shipping Terms :

Place of Origin : China

Payment Terms : T/T L/C

Certification : ISO9001

Packaging Details : Depend on our customers.

Brand : Signi Aluminium

Delivery Time : Depend on the order and destination


Polyester Film / Non-woven Fabrics Wrapped Aluminum/Copper Wires Strips
Product introduction:
      This product is made of oxygen free copper rod or electrical round aluminum rod through a certain specification of the die extrusion or drawing after annealing treatment of the wire, and then on the copper / aluminum wires strips on the 2-3 layer of polyester film or Non-woven Fabrics electrical insulation layer of the winding wire, the product is good, temperature resistance and other grade 130for B grade, mainly used for air core reactor.

Conduct Materials:
      Aluminum flat wires strips should follow the standard of GB5584.3-2009, at 20℃ the conductivity resistivity is not more than 0.028mm2/m.
Copper flat wires strips should follow the standard of GB5584.2-2009, at 20℃ the conductivity resistivity is not more than 0.017241mm2/m.
Product breakdown voltage should follow below table:

Wrapping type Insulation Thickness(mm) Breakdown voltage above
  Standard Value Tolerance  
2 layers of polyester films 0.22 ±0.03 5000
2 layers of polyester films+1 layer of non-woven fabrics 0.33 ±0.03 5000
3 layers of polyester films 0.30 ±0.03 7500
3 layers of polyesters film+ non-woven fabrics 0.42 ±0.03 7500

Packing Process : 

Step 1 :  Plastic film and kraft paper packaging, ensure neat and clean, dry ;  

2. Wooden box packaging, the outside fixed with packing belt, safe and reliable ;