aluminum foil strip


  • aluminum conductors in transformer

    aluminum conductors in transformer

    Using aluminum instead of copper as the raw material for manufacturing transformer windings has been started in China since the 1970s, but it is not long to replace copper with aluminum Copper transformers are no longer advocated and manufac...

  • why aluminum is used in transformer

    why aluminum is used in transformer

    According to the statistics of Chinas State Grid, Chinas transformer market is close to 500 billion yuan in 2019, and it is predicted to reach 600 billion yuan in 2025. From 2005 to 2010, the transformer market was in short supply, and the d...

  • transformer coil winding material

    transformer coil winding material

    Transformer coil winding material refers to the circuit part of transformer, which is wound by copper conductor or aluminum conductor with high conductivity, and is used in power system. The winding shall have sufficient insulation strength...

  • aluminum wire for transformer windings

    aluminum wire for transformer windings

    Aluminum wire for transformers winding generally refers to the insulated wire used to manufacture coils or windings in electrical goods, so it is called winding wire. It is necessary to meet the needs of a variety of application and manufac...

  • subwoofer voice coil wire

    subwoofer voice coil wire

    Subwoofer voice coil wire is usually composed of self melting enamelled wires, such as enamelled oxygen free copper wire, copper-clad aluminum wire, pure aluminum wire, etc. The flat wire is wrapped with an insulating paint layer, which has...