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why aluminum is used in transformer

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2021-11-08 17:52
According to the statistics of China's State Grid, China's transformer market is close to 500 billion yuan in 2019, and it is predicted to reach 600 billion yuan in 2025. From 2005 to 2010, the transformer market was in short supply, and the domestic copper price once reached 80000 yuan / ton. The high cost caused great pressure on the market. The solution to the contradiction is to increase the mining and smelting of domestic copper mines, but it is also facing great pressure on environmental protection and energy consumption. Just at this time, the transformer technology of aluminum coil in western countries and Japan was introduced by domestic manufacturers (at that time, the price of aluminum was only more than 10000 / ton). As early as the 20th century, the production of transformers in European countries also adopted a large number of aluminum coil schemes and mature technical standards. Up to now, aluminum core transformers are still widely used in Europe and America, and there is a huge stock market in Europe and America. Fuji, including Japan, has been producing aluminum core transformers in Suzhou. Since the introduction of aluminum coil transformer technology into China, thousands of small and medium-sized transformer factories in China have adopted this technology. After more than ten years of optimization and technical upgrading, it has become a very mature product. Its emergence has not only solved the shortage of copper materials and energy saving, but also saved huge costs for the national infrastructure. From a technical point of view, the aluminum coil for epoxy resin cast dry-type transformer is better. Because the expansion coefficient of aluminum is closer to that of epoxy resin than that of copper, it is better for the safety of transformer. Therefore, in Europe, most epoxy cast transformers use aluminum coils. As long as the manufacturing quality is qualified, there will be no problem in the use of aluminum coil transformer. China has also issued the corresponding national technical standard for aluminum coil transformer of transformer. For example, if the dry-type transformer adopts aluminum coil, the marked model is sclb.

From the essence of products and technology, both aluminum coil and copper coil are mature products recognized by national standards and generally used internationally. As long as the majority of users strictly treat the material agreement in the contract, the products can be used safely