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High temperature wear-resistant refrigerant aluminum magnet

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2021-09-07 17:35
Most enamelled wires use copper as the conductor, and the corona resistance and refrigerant resistance of the insulation layer are not ideal. Especially in variable frequency motors, the anti electric pulse ability of enamelled wires is not strong enough. At the same time, when copper resources are scarce and the price is relatively expensive at this stage, it is also an inevitable trend to choose a material that can replace copper as the conductor.
In order to save copper resources, reduce production costs and have strong anti electric pulse ability, signi aluminum has researched and invented a high temperature wear resistant rectangular aluminum magnet wire.

wear-resistant refrigerant aluminum magnet wire

The high temperature wear resistant rigid aluminum magnet wire comprises an aluminum core conductor and an insulating layer. The insulating layer is divided into a first insulating layer, a second insulating layer and a third insulating layer. The surface of the aluminum core conductor is successively coated with a first insulating layer, a second insulating layer and a third insulating layer from inside to outside. Using aluminum as a conductor can obtain higher heat resistance than copper conductor, It can not only save copper resources, but also reduce the production cost. The first insulating layer is polyester imide insulating paint, the second insulating layer is nano quantum frequency conversion resin layer, and the nano quantum frequency conversion resin layer is formed by adding silica, alumina or other metal oxide micro powder into polyamide imide through nanotechnology, The thickness of the second insulating layer coating is 40% of the total insulating layer thickness and has good corona resistance. The third insulating layer is modified self-lubricating polyamide imide insulating paint. The enamelled wire with self-lubricating polyamide imide insulating paint as the surface coating has good refrigerant resistance, wear resistance and low friction coefficient.
High temperature wear resistant refrigerant aluminum magnet wire adopts three composite coating technology to give full play to the advantages of each coating, and enhances the adhesion of each paint film through thin paint and multi coating, which improves the corona resistance, refrigerant resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance and heat resistance of enameled wire. It is widely used in variable frequency motor, refrigeration compressor motor, high voltage motor High frequency transformer.