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subwoofer voice coil wire

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Subwoofer voice coil wire is usually composed of self melting enamelled wires, such as enamelled oxygen free copper wire, copper-clad aluminum wire, pure aluminum wire, etc. The flat wire is wrapped with an insulating paint layer, which has the function of high temperature resistance

Subwoofer voice coil wire
Subwoofer voice coil wire is lighter than copper wire, higher conductivity than aluminum wire and stronger tensile force. Its impedance at high frequency is similar to that of copper wire. The loudspeaker made of it has good transient characteristics and high sensitivity. It is a commonly used material in high sensitivity loudspeaker.
The magnetic field utilization rate is larger than that of round wire (78% ~ 91% for round wire and 96% for flat wire). It is characterized by high energy conversion efficiency and is suitable for making high-power speakers. Flat aluminum wire is more often used for professional speakers (high power and high sensitivity).
Type subwoofer voice coil wire
Heat resistance grade: 155(F)
Conductor material: Copper
Application speaker voice
Finish material: polyamide
diameter 0.073-0.080mm
Insulation thickness: 0.0005mm
Tensile strength: strong
Color: Tibetan blue, green, red, natural color (copper)
Sheath material: paint
Material shape: round
Model DHT 2HBUEW/155 0.060
Insulation properties: Polyurethane enamelled wire