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flux core aluminum welding

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Introduction of flux cored aluminum welding wireFlux core aluminum welding
Flux core aluminum welding, also known as aluminum-aluminum welding wire, is a type of welding wire that can be brazed directly by flame or induction.
Flux core aluminum welding produced by Henan Signi Aluminium: Aluminum-silicon flux-cored welding wire for aluminum-aluminum welding, instead of ordinary ER4047 electrode, no welding powder is needed. At present, the market usage is very large. It is one of our main products. It can be made into strips and rings for easy use according to customer needs. Its welding effect is almost the same as that of imported welding wires from Korea and France, but the price is half cheaper. Friends of brazed aluminum products welcome you to try this product.

flux core aluminum welding
Chemical composition of Flux core aluminum welding
Flux core aluminum welding products are made of nano-aluminum-silicon alloy powder and non-corrosive tincture through a special process.
Its main ingredients are as follows:
Chemical composition content (%)
Si 8.5 ~ 10.50
Fe ≤0.50
Cu ≤0.25
Mn ≤0.15
Mg ≤0.10
Zn ≤0.15
Ti: ≤0.15
K: 4.50-5.50
F: 7.50-8.50
Cs: ≤0.03
Al balance
Application of Flux core aluminum welding
Flux core aluminum welding is widely used in welding of aluminum heat exchangers, welding of automotive air conditioning pipelines, welding of automotive condenser rapid flow pipes, oil cooler flanges, etc.