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Advantages of aluminum foil strips for electric reactor

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2017-12-12 15:25
Advantages of aluminum foil strips for electric reactor

The so-called aluminum foil winding is a winding with bare aluminum foil strip for electric reactor. Its characteristic is that one layer is one turn, and the insulating material is automatically inserted during the rolling process.

The features of aluminum foil strips for electric reactorare:

A. Can be continuous automatic winding, automatically cushion interlayer insulation material, high production efficiency, and can realize production.
B. Can strictly control the outer star size of windings, compact winding structure and small space ratio.
C. Insulation is reliable, the damage rate is basically zero, the overall quality can be effectively guaranteed.
D. The height of winding is almost equal to the high of the iron core window, and the silicon steel sheet is saved.
E. It is the only structure to bear the amplitude to electromagnetic force caused by overflow and short circuit.
F. The rational "skin effect" in the AC reactor winding will effectively reduce the loss of stray loss.
G. Under the condition of aluminum foil strip, can flexibly connect and connect the windings to realize the optimal design and combination of large current and large inductance, and is also an effective management for the standardization of Multi Standard windings.
H.. Has low overall weighted cost and high cost performance.