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aluminum winding wire manufacturer in China

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Signi Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of special electromagnetic wire research and development, production and sales of aluminum winding wire manufacturer in China. The company has dozens of varieties of thousands of specifications of electromagnetic wire products, mainly flat wire, frequency conversion wire, self-adhesive wire, self-lubricating wire, etc., committed to providing automotive motors, power tools, industrial motors, household appliances and other industries Supporting. In recent years, the company's new products have been widely used in new fields such as the new energy information industry, rail transit, aerospace and other emerging fields.
Aluminum winding wire is called yarn-coated wire and silk-coated wire, and was used in motors and electrical appliances. Due to the large insulation thickness and low heat resistance, most have been replaced by enameled wires. It is currently used only as a high-frequency winding wire. In the large and medium-sized winding wires, when the heat resistance level is high and the mechanical strength is large, the glass fiber covered wire is also used, and it is equipped with an appropriate adhesive paint during manufacturing.
Paper-covered wire still occupies a considerable position in the winding wire, mainly used in oil-immersed transformers. The oil-paper insulation formed at this time has excellent dielectric properties, is inexpensive, and has a long life. The paper-wrapped aluminum winding wire is a wire that is extruded or drawn by an electrical round aluminum rod after a certain specification of the mold is annealed, and then wrapped around the aluminum conductor with two or more layers of insulating paper (including telephone paper, cable paper, High-voltage cable paper, inter-turn insulation paper, etc.) winding wire, suitable for oil-immersed transformer coils and other similar electrical winding wires. NOMEX paper-covered wire is a wire extruded from a round aluminum rod by a die of a certain specification, and then wrapped by Nomex insulating paper produced by DuPont, USA. It is mainly used for transformers, welding machines, electromagnets or other Similar to electrical equipment product windings. Electrical bare aluminum wire produced by extrusion process is the most ideal material for producing cable paper covered wire.
In recent years, the relatively rapid development of the film wrapped wire, mainly polyester film and polyimide film wrapped aluminum winding wire.
Recently, there is also a mica tape wrapped with polyester imine film used for wind power generation and wrapped with aluminum flat wire.