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Aluminum transformer windings are the most important materials for manufacturing transformer windings, which generally include aluminum foil, enameled aluminum wire, paper-coated aluminum wire, and glass-wire coated aluminum wire.   The manufacturing process of immersion type dry change is relatively simple. Usually, the winding completed by wire winding is impregnated with high temperature resistant insulating varnish and heated and dried.  

Epoxy resin dry transformers refer to dry-type transformers that mainly use epoxy resin as an insulating material. They can be divided into two types: casting and wrapping. Most of the existing products are epoxy casting type. The characteristics of epoxy flex injection dry change: high insulation strength, strong short-circuit resistance, outstanding disaster prevention performance, superior environmental performance, easy maintenance, low loss, low noise, small size and weight, easy to install, etc.  

The high voltage of the cast-in transformer is wound with copper wire. The low voltage uses aluminum foil and aluminum tape to wind the winding. When aluminum foil winding is used for low voltage, DMD prepreg paper is generally set between layers as interlayer insulation, and it only needs to be heated and solidified after winding on the aluminum foil winding machine. In this way, the low-voltage winding does not need mold and pouring. In addition to good manufacturability and improved production efficiency, aluminum foil windings can also reduce lateral magnetic flux leakage, thereby reducing axial electromotive force, correspondingly improving short-circuit strength and reducing additional losses. At present, dry-type transformers mostly adopt this structure. Due to the size characteristics of the aluminum foil material of the transformer, the current dry-type transformer is generally 2500kVA-4000kVA.  

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