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aluminium flat wire for transformer winding

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Signi Aluminium mainly produces aluminum flat wire for transformer winding below 3.0 square millimeters, "Aluminium flat wire for transformer winding" with a maximum width-to-thickness ratio of 25, a narrow side range of 1.0mm or less, and a wide side range of 6.0mm or less.
All products have passed UL certification, covering all heat resistance levels from 130 to 240. It is the only domestic product to provide 240 grade heat-resistant products.
Customized production according to NEMA, IEC and JIS international standards or customer requirements.
Provide alcohol-soluble/hot-melt/electric heating and other bonding methods, with a maximum re-softening temperature of 180℃, self-adhesive enameled rectangular wire.

Product name:

HB AIW 200 0.30 x 2.4 (HBAIW 200 0.30*2.40)
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
HB (hot melt self-adhesive), SB (alcohol melt self-adhesive);
SEIW (solderable polyester imine), EIW (polyester imine), AIW (polyamide imide), EI/AIW (polyester imine/polyamide imide), PIW (polyimide) );
180(H), 200(N), 220(R), 240(S);
The maximum narrow side is 1.00 (mm);
The widest side is 6.00 (mm);
Calendering process:
(1) The pressure roller is made of imported tungsten steel alloy material, mirror polishing processing, mold forming technology after multiple rolling, smooth conductor surface, stable structure and size;
(2) Using laser automatic online control technology, the tolerance accuracy is improved from the original ±0.030mm to ±0.005mm;
(3) The CNC precision arranging wire takes up the wire to avoid the mechanical damage of the semi-finished product and improve the product quality.
Enameling process:
(1) The enameled furnace has independent control, and the stable temperature of the furnace can ensure the consistency of product quality; The production of the laminating line uses different ovens (such as self-adhesive lines);
(2) Digital metering controls the amount of paint, which can stably control the thickness of the paint film, and the tolerance accuracy is increased from ±0.010mm to ±0.003mm;
(3) The take-up of the mechanical polished rod cable was transformed into a numerically controlled precision cable, the pay-off is smooth, the winding is smooth, and the quality of the winding product is stable.

Special corner technology Special corner technology, with process improvement, uniform thickness of corner insulation layer.