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Glass Fiber aluminium winding wire

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Glass fiber aluminium winding wire is to wrap 1-2 layers of alkali-free glass fiber evenly on the aluminum conductor according to the customer's requirements. It is impregnated and baked with the required temperature resistance index and compatible insulating paint, so that the glass fiber and the glass fiber and the conductor are bonded as a whole. At present, the temperature resistance index of this kind of products is 130, 155 and 180, and the insulation thickness is generally 20, 30 , 40, 50. This product is widely used in winding of transformer, electromagnet, welding machine or other similar electrical equipment. The bare aluminum wire produced by extrusion is the most ideal material to produce glass fiber aluminium winding wire.


  【Size】a:0.90mm——5.60mm  b:3.15mm——16.00mm
  【Aluminum product】1070 aluminum wire
Glass Fiber:Alkali free fiberglass yarn
Use of impregnating paint: modified epoxy, temperature index 180
Mica tape: mica tape is composed of polyester film, mica paper and epoxy resin, with temperature index of 155. Thin film and one side reinforced mica tape with thin film. Temperature index class 180 / 220
Polyimide film: insulation class h, withstand voltage, heat resistance and moisture resistance
[Insulation structure option] 1 or 2 layers of glass fiber and mica tape are wrapped, and 2 layers of glass fiber are usually cross wrapped. The insulating layer is a layered structure, which is in turn copper flat wire + insulating layer + self-adhesive paint layer.
[Test standard] GB / t4074-2008 or according to customer technical agreement
[Product features] Glass fiber aluminium winding wire has high mechanical properties, good corona resistance, good process performance, stable voltage resistance, and can shape the coil after heating with self-adhesive paint.
[Application] suitable for medium and high voltage AC motor, medium and large DC motor, medium and large wind turbine, especially for 10kV large and medium high voltage motor winding.