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Enamelled aluminum copper flat wire

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Enamelled aluminum copper flat wires are enameled wires with rectangular conductors with R angles. It is described by narrow boundary value of conductor, wide boundary value of conductor, heat resistance grade of paint film, thickness and type of paint film. Conductors can be copper, copper alloys or CCA copper clad aluminium. Compared with circular line, flat line has incomparable advantages and characteristics, and has been applied in many fields.

Production Description:

① Enamel thickness(Such as:0、1、2、3)。
② Functional description(Such as:SB(Alcohol soluble self adhesion )、HB(Hot melt self adhesion))。
③ Types of insulating layer
(Such as:UEW(polyurethane)、EIW(Polyester imide )、EI/AIW
   (Polyamide Imide Composite Polyesterimide)、AIW(Polyamide imide)及PIW
④ Heat resistance grade(Such as:130、155、180、200、220、240degree)。  
⑤ Nominal dimensions of conductors mm(A×B)。
Characteristics and advantages of enamelled aluminum copper flat wires:
To meet the design requirements of electronic and motor products with lower height, smaller volume, lighter weight and higher power density, which are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, etc.
Electrical machinery, network communication, smart home, new energy, automotive electronics, medical electronics, military electronics, aerospace technology and other fields.
Under the same cross-section area, it has a larger surface area than round enameled wire, which can effectively reduce skin effect, reduce high frequency current loss and be more adaptable.
High frequency conduction.
In the same winding space, the application of flat enameled wire makes the coil groove fullness rate and space volume rate higher; the effective reduction of resistance can be achieved through greater.
Current, obtain higher Q value, more suitable for high current load work.
The flat enameled wire products have simple structure, good heat dissipation performance, stable performance and good consistency, and they still maintain good performance in high frequency and high temperature environments.

Temperature rising current and saturation current; strong anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI), low vibration, low noise, high density installation.
High groove filling rate_Conductor cross-section occupies 97% of the total area.

Good winding, strong bending resistance, film winding does not crack.
Edge and corner film thickness is similar to that of topcoat film, which is beneficial to users.

Coil insulation is maintained.
Application of enamelled aluminum copper flat wires:
Inductance, transformer, filter, transformer, motor, voice coil, solenoid valve.