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E91E High Conductivity electrolitic aluminium busbar

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2022-01-10 18:01
E91E aluminum alloy Al Mg Si heat treatable strengthening alloy has excellent conductivity, medium strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability. It is commonly used to process high-strength bus conductor. E91E high conductivity electrical aluminum busbar should not only have higher hardness and mechanical properties, but also have higher electrical properties. As one of the electrical performance indexes of metal materials, conductivity not only reflects the electrical conductivity of materials, but also is related to the composition and internal structure of materials, and the internal structure of materials is related to its heat treatment state.

E91E high conductivity electrical aluminum busbars
Our company has three E91E high conductivity electrical aluminum busbars with different sizes and specifications. Through extrusion production and subsequent heat treatment, the conductivity is finally greater than 55% IACS, the tensile strength (RM) is between 172 ~ 221 MPa and the yield strength (Rp0.2) is between 138 ~ 186 MPa. Different extrusion production process parameters and heat treatment process parameters are designed to verify the most reasonable extrusion process system and heat treatment system, so that the high-power metallographic structure, surface quality, hardness, mechanical properties and conductivity of product profiles meet the requirements.
(1) When the ingot heating temperature is 470 ~ 490 ℃ and the extrusion speed is 15 ~ 20m / min, the surface mechanical grain of the three profiles is uniform, the surface quality is good, and the grain size grade is grade 2.
(2) After peak aging (175 ± 5) ℃ × 7h and over aging (200 ± 5) ℃ × After 5h treatment, the hardness and conductivity of profiles with different sizes meet the product requirements.
(3) When the aging system is over aging (200 ± 5) ℃ × At 5h, the conductivity of the profile is greater than 55% IACS, and the yield strength and tensile strength meet the product requirements.