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Double glass fiber insulated aluminum wire

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Product introduction: According to customer's requirements, Double glass fiber insulated aluminum wire is evenly wrapped around 1-2 layers of alkali-free glass fiber on copper (aluminum) conductor, and impregnated and baked with insulating varnish with required temperature index and compatibility. The glass fiber, the glass fiber and the conductor are bonded into a whole. At present, the temperature resistance index of this type of product has three grades of 130, 155, and 180, and the insulation thickness generally has four grades of 20, 30, 40, and 50. This product is widely used in transformers, electromagnets, electric welding machines or other similar electrical equipment product windings. The bare aluminum electric wire produced by the extrusion process is the most ideal material for the production of glass-coated aluminum wire.

Aluminum flat wire
Narrow edge size a: 1.00mm-6.30mm
Wide side size b: 3.00mm—25.00mm

Aluminum round wire
Diameter size: φ1.7—φ6.0
Please contact us if the selected specifications are out of the above range

The flat aluminum wire shall meet the requirements of GB5584.3-2009, and the resistivity at 20 ℃ shall not be greater than 0.0280Ωmm2 / m

● Glass wire should be wound tightly and evenly around the conductor. The direction of winding of the two layers of double glass fiber insulated aluminum wire should be opposite, and the insulation thickness of the double-fiber-coated aluminum flat wire should meet the requirements of the following table. Bb) No assessment.

Characteristics of glass-fiber covered wire The insulation of glass-fiber covered wire has certain abrasion resistance, adhesion and flexibility, and has good resistance to thermal shock and overload