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Aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium wire

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Aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium wire is a high-quality aluminium electrical wire wrapped by insulating paper of DuPont Company, USA. Insulating paper has very high electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity, and good elasticity, flexibility, tear resistance, moisture resistance and wear resistance. It is also very acid-alkali corrosion resistant. It can be compatible with all kinds of varnishes, adhesives, transformer liquids, lubricants and refrigerants. Because the product is not easily digested, it is not easily destroyed by insects, fungi and fungi. The electrical and mechanical properties of the product are almost unaffected when the temperature is not higher than 200℃. Even if the product is continuously exposed to 200℃, it can be maintained for at least 10 years. Aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium wire wrapped by extruded bare aluminium wire has better mechanical and electrical properties. It can replace the complex enameled flat wire which is difficult to make. It is suitable for windings of transformers, lifting electromagnets, welding machines and other products.

Production range:

Type Dimension range Degree Standard Packing
Aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium round  wire 2.0-7.0mm 105 IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS Wooden spool 30kgs/50kg/150kgs
Aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium flat wire A:1-10mm  B:3-30mm 105 IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS Wooden spool 30kgs/50kg/150kgs
Transformer type
Coil windings of oil-immersed transformers and other electrical appliances
Advantages of Aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium wire
Aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium wire can be applied to coil windings of oil-immersed transformer, traction transformer, post-type distribution transformer, power substation, rectifier, electric furnace transformer and other dry-type transformers.
1. Reducing cost, reducing size and weight
The use of insulated dry-type transformers requires fewer wires and cores to reduce capital construction costs. Especially because there is no need for vault and oil collecting trough, the size can be reduced and the weight can be reduced; therefore, it is easy to install, and the smaller iron core also means that the no-load loss can be reduced.
2. Increasing Standby Capacity
Insulated transformers have additional capacity to cope with emergency overloads and unexpected expansion, which can greatly reduce backup plans.
3. Improving Reliability
Paper-wrapped electromagnetic wires are used to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical properties throughout the service life of transformers. Paper-wrapped electromagnetic wire is not easy to aging, shrinkage and shrinkage resistance, coupled with strong elasticity, so it can ensure that the transformer coil can maintain a tight structure even after several years of use, and can withstand short-circuit impact.
In summary, the transformer with aromatic polyamide paper wrapped aluminium wirecan bring many economic, environmental and safety benefits to users. It can reduce weight, volume, transformer oil, improve safety, reduce the combustibility of transformer oil, increase capacity and reduce energy loss.