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Aluminum wire winding in Motor

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2019-03-05 15:42
Copper accounts for about 20% of the production cost of single motor. With the dramatic increase of copper price and long-term high, the production cost of motor directly increases. At present, the proportion of copper in the cost of single motor has reached about 40%, and the proportion of copper in some high-power commercial motors is higher, even up to 50%. It is difficult for motor enterprises to raise the price of motor products by a corresponding margin after the copper price rises. Enterprises must digest the unfavorable factors brought by the price rises of copper and other raw materials alone, and have to bear more pressure from the cost rises. Therefore, the profitability level of enterprises is greatly affected. Some small-scale motor enterprises can not bear the huge cost pressure and implement the strategy of semi-shutdown or even shutdown. Electrical machinery industry is a basic traditional industry, which is always famous for its material intensive, labor intensive and low profit products. Material cost accounts for more than 70% of the total cost.

In the traditional sense, aluminum wire winding motors only use the same specification or slightly increased aluminum wire instead of copper wire. There are many problems such as low power factor, low efficiency, fast heating, short life, high noise, low overload capacity and small starting moment, which greatly reduce the comprehensive performance index of motors.
The new type of aluminium wire winding motor and the traditional optimized material-saving motor "shorten the iron core and reduce the enameled wire gauge" go the opposite way. The length of the iron core does not shorten or increase appropriately, and the enameled wire gauge increases significantly. Therefore, under the same flux density of the yoke, the air gap magnetic density is low, the vibration of the motor is small, the noise is low, and the power factor is high. The aluminum wire winding motor of the utility model has other performance indexes such as starting current multiple, starting torque multiple, maximum torque multiple, etc. which meet the technical requirements of the related products.
The new type of aluminium wire winding motor overcomes the deficiency of the comprehensive performance index of traditional copper wire motor, which aims to optimize its cost. The cost of enamelled wire is greatly reduced by replacing copper wire with aluminium wire as the key conductor of the motor.