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Aluminum winding wires price

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2021-06-10 17:33
Aluminum winding wire price is closely related to the type and specification. In the case of the same type, the smaller the specification is, the more expensive the price is! And the total price fluctuates with the price of aluminum futures, so there is no way to give an exact value! According to the common specifications, aluminum winding wire price generally adopts the method of "aluminum price + processing fee". The general specification (0.200 ~ 0.500mm) is more than 20 ~ 25 yuan / kg. If the copper price is 18000rmb / ton, the total price of enameled wire is about 20 ~ 30RMB / kg (batch price, sample price is calculated separately);

Aluminum winding wire price is also related to the order quantity. If the order quantity can only reach 500 kg, the efficiency of single specification production will decrease and the price will correspondingly increase. If each specification is several tons, the production will be relatively easy and the price will be relatively cheap.
Aluminum winding wire price is also closely related to the processing cost. The processing cost of enameled aluminum wire with good quality and high temperature resistance is relatively high; The processing cost of enameled aluminum wire with low temperature resistance is relatively low.
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