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Advantages and application characteristics of enameled alumi

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Henan signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces and sells high quality aluminum wire, aluminum alloy wire, enameled aluminum round wire, rivet aluminum wire, aluminum flat wire, 2024 aluminum alloy screw thread, 4A03 aluminum wire, hard aluminum alloy wire, aluminum wire and aluminum welding wire.
Advantages and application characteristics of enameled aluminum wire
1. the use of cost advantages due to differences in copper prices, the enamelled aluminium wire cost in use than the copper wire has a great advantage, at the same time, in the use of funds is much lower than the copper wire 2. light weight aluminum copper density is only 1/3, so the product is better than aluminum enameled copper wire weight is much lower.
2. the thermal performance of the product is superior to that of the enameled copper wire. The life of the lacquered aluminum wire products at the same temperature is more than 4 times that of the enameled copper wire.
Note 3 note (aluminium instead of copper aluminium instead of copper (a) 1. 2. line diameter changes (because of differences in the conductor resistivity) aluminum wire diameter = copper wire diameter x 1.28 line slot design changes (line diameter difference) to ensure that the original conductor resistance, resulting in increase of the conductor size at the same time, also increased to a certain extent tankful rate.
Note 4 note (aluminium instead of copper aluminium instead of copper wire (two), the change of 1 winding (tensile strength difference) reduce the winding tension, appropriate to reduce the winding speed 2, the change of connection modes (difference between the welding performance of copper and aluminium) brazing, crimping, welding etc.
Advantages and application characteristics of enameled aluminum wire

Aluminum wire material
Pure aluminum: 1A99 1A97 1A95 1A93 1A90 1A85 1A80 1A80A 1070 1070A 1370 A1060 1050 1050A 1A50 135011451350 1A50 116012001235
The 2 series are 2A01 2A02 2A04 2A06 2A10 2A11 2B11 2A12 2A13 2A14 2A16 2A14, 2A04, 22142017, 2177221826182219 20242124.
3 Series: 3A21 3003310330043005 3105
4 series: 4A03 4A11 4A13 4A17 400440324043 4043A 4047 4047A
5 Series: 5A01 5A02 5A03 5A05 5A06 5B06 5A12 5A30 5A33 5A41 5A42 5A42 5005501950505251 50525154 50525154 5454 5454 5754505653565456 508251825086.
6 Series: 6A02 6B02 6A51 6101 6101A 6005 6005A 6351606060616063 6063A 607061816082
7 Series: 7A01 7A03 7A04 7A05 7A09 7A10 7A15 7A19 7A31 7A33 7A52 7003700570207022 705070757475 8A06 80118090
The company's products are widely used in industry, hardware, heat dissipation, decoration, packaging, air conditioning, disinfection cabinet, transformers, road signs, signs, printing and other industries. The product accords with the national aluminum standard, the aluminum plate, the volume, the plate surface is clean, the thickness is even, the length and the width difference is small, the mechanical property is good, can satisfy the different use customer.