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What is the difference of copper enameled wire and aluminum

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2022-08-16 18:05
Copper and aluminum have good conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, so they are often used to make various wires, cables and current carrying parts. However, there are great differences in physical performance between the two. These differences in physical performance have a great impact on the application of aluminum enamelled wire.

The resistivity of aluminum is 1.6 times that of copper, and the copper loss of the motor is proportional to the resistance of the motor. If the copper wire is directly replaced by the aluminum wire with the same wire diameter, the loss of the motor will increase and the efficiency will decrease. The low tensile strength of aluminum will bring difficulties to the stator winding process. The melting point of aluminum is far lower than that of copper, which is easy to oxidize. The welding problem of copper and aluminum has always been a major obstacle in the application of aluminum wire. The density of aluminum is only about 1 / 3 of that of copper, and the weight of aluminum wire with the same volume is about 1 / 3 of that of copper wire. Therefore, the cost of using aluminum wire can be significantly reduced. However, since the processing cost of enameled wire is related to the length of enameled wire, the processing cost of aluminum wire with the same weight is higher than that of copper wire.
What is the difference of enamelled aluminum wire and enamelled copper wire? We measured and compared the characteristics of copper enameled wire and aluminum enameled wire:
Due to the nature of the material itself, the resistivity and elongation of aluminum wire are worse than that of copper wire. Although the performance of aluminum wire is worse than that of copper wire, the use of aluminum wire instead of copper wire is one of the effective means to reduce the cost of motor in the case of high copper price.
It is technically feasible to use aluminum wire instead of copper wire in the compressor motor. In particular, the auxiliary coil adopts aluminum enamelled wire. By increasing the length of the motor core and other means to optimize the design of the motor, the cost can be greatly reduced while maintaining the efficiency. By improving the processing technology of the motor, the quality of the product can be guaranteed.