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aluminum vs copper transformer windings

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2022-05-30 18:28
From the perspective of market demand and corporate integrity, the world standards and design specifications do not prohibit the use of aluminum coil transformers, which are larger than copper coil transformers. However, you should know that the price of "aluminum" is much cheaper than that of "copper". As long as the "cost" of anything in the mainland is involved, many enterprises will take risks. For example, the melamine incident that has been raging in the past few years can not be eliminated. It will bring disaster to the country and the people! At present, the copper-clad aluminum busbar promoted in the market also has the same concern. It does not mean that the technology and process level can not be reached, but that some enterprises will "exploit loopholes". It was originally a good thing to save money and benefit the people and the country. Later, it has become a swarm of "cost reduction" trends. Therefore, copper-clad aluminum has appeared for many years, but as a manufacturer of low-voltage switchgear, we dare not want it, Not only the current carrying capacity - temperature rise requirements, but also the thermal effect - thermal stability in case of short circuit, but also the electrodynamic effect - dynamic stability in case of short circuit. This should be considered when using copper coil and aluminum coil in transformer, that is, the temperature rise effect in normal use and the dynamic thermal stability in abnormal use.

1. For transformers used for special purposes and special occasions, it is recommended to select copper winding transformers with high reliability, high mechanical strength and small volume. For example, all power transformers in the switching station, traveling light transformers for elevator shaft lighting, etc. It is not that other power supply schemes and equipment made of other materials are not good. In comparison, it has been proved through years of testing that the weatherability and reliability of high-quality linear power supply are relatively high.
2. Aluminum coil power transformer can be used for general purpose residential lighting transformer, even some transformers with class I load. Its benefits are self-evident. What we worry about is the duty cycle coefficient, winding strength, short-circuit and overcurrent resistance, weather resistance index, outgoing line oxygen index and so on. The aluminum winding transformer used for many years is also correct, but the oil immersed type is more common than the dry type.
3. From the material point of view: silicon steel sheet, permalloy and amorphous alloy, magnetic circuit materials are not included in our discussion, but it is indisputable that materials with high permeability have less turns per volt, and various manufacturing parameters of transformers will change. Circuit materials are generally no more than copper and aluminum. The national standard manufacturing standard is that high-purity oxygen free copper is used for copper and a-00 high-purity aluminum is used for aluminum. The difference is that the difference of current carrying capacity determines the difference of the cross-sectional area of its conductor, and the manufacturing process and manufacturing parameters are different.
4. From the current market situation, transformers produced in full and strict accordance with national standards and IEC standards have no advantage in price and no market in competition. The dual attribute of any commodity is its value and use value. This is also the driving force for the value orientation of transformer, a special commodity.
Therefore, whether copper or aluminum, if it is produced, inspected, transported, installed, maintained and used according to certain standards, the conductor material is only a kind of conductor material.