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Ultra-fine enameled aluminum flat wire

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In today's rapid development of national defense and electronic industries, enameled wire has become an indispensable wire in household appliances, radar, computers and other military equipment and civil electrical and electronic products. Traditional enameled wires are generally enameled with a circular cross-section. Copper wire, this traditional enameled round copper wire has the disadvantage of large gaps between the enameled wires during the coil winding process, which leads to the problems of large volume and heavy quality of the corresponding coil, which cannot be adapted to today's The use of national defense and civil electrical equipment needs.

The aluminum wire with a circular cross-sectional shape is made into a thin flat aluminum flat wire with a rectangular cross-sectional shape by extrusion and drawing, and a drawing lubricant is used during drawing; The aluminum flat wire is cleaned by alkaline cleaning solution to remove the oil stain on the surface of the aluminum wire, and then the oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum wire is removed by an organic solution, and then the enameled flat aluminum wire is coated with enameled wire paint to complete the enameled flat aluminum wire. production of lines. Ultra-fine enameled aluminum flat wire is made by extruding and stretching the aluminum wire to make the aluminum wire into a flat shape, and applying insulating paint on the flat-packed aluminum wire, and the enameled aluminum flat wire has a slot in the coil. The advantages of high full rate, small size, light weight, etc., adapt to the development trend of contemporary electronic products pursuing light, thin and small, and can be widely used in military, national defense, electronic technology and civil appliances, with good practicability and promotion value.
Product Detail  of Ultra-fine enameled aluminum flat wire:
* Type : insulated;
* Conductor type : solid;
* Application : Transformers, Reactors, Welding Machines;
* Conductor materials : Aluminum;
* Insulated material : Enameled;
* Product Standard : SGS,UL,IEC/NEMA/JIS/GB;
* Color : Nature;
* Thermal class: B(130°C),F(155°C),H(180°C),H(+200°C),C(220°C),C+(240°C);
* Properties: Corrosion Resistant, Shiny Finish;
* Competitive advantages : High quality control,Competitive prices;
* Flat size : A: 0.6mm-8.0mm  b: 1.5mm-22mm
* Trademark : Signi;
* Packing : Plastics spool or wooden spool;
* Standard : LEC/GB/NEMA;
* Origin : China;
* Production capacity : 800 ton/month;
* Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe;