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Rare earth conductive aluminum bus bar

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2022-06-13 18:10
For a long time, due to the relatively high silicon content in bauxite in our country, even if various advanced desilication processes are used, silicon in industrial electrolytic aluminum is still relatively high (>0.1wt%Si), so the electrical properties of aluminum wires in our country are poor and cannot reach the standard level of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), resulting in a large loss of electrical energy during transmission.
The main reason why rare earth conductive aluminum bus bar has high electrical conductivity is: adding rare earth and Si and Fe to form multi-component compounds, reducing the solid solution amount of silicon and iron in aluminum, making the electrical properties
can be significantly improved. The rare earth and the base metal form a CeAl4 metal compound, which has little effect on the electrical properties, and the dehydrogenation properties of the rare earth also have a good effect on the electrical properties of the conductor.

To sum up, due to the addition of rare earth, the mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and thermal stability, and electrical conductivity of rare earth conductive aluminum bus bar have been significantly improved and improved.
The reason is that the rare earth element is added to the alloy as a surface active element to refine the as-cast structure of the alloy.

Adding an appropriate amount of rare earth elements can improve the mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, wear resistance and so on of the alloy. The properties of alloys with uniform grains and refinement are good, and the two are consistent.
Adding rare earth can improve the mechanical properties and physical and chemical properties of conductive aluminum busbar, and the amount of rare earth added is 0.10-0.20%.