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High conductivity copper strip for dry-type transformer

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With the sustained, healthy and rapid development of China's economy and the continuous and rapid growth of power demand, the rapid development of China's power construction has driven the development of China's transformer manufacturing industry. Combined with the current social development direction of high efficiency and energy saving, transformers have developed from traditional transformers to dry-type transformers, and gradually moved closer to the direction of high efficiency, energy saving and miniaturization. In order to adapt to the market, thinner, wider and better surface performance copper strips for transformers need to be developed. Signi aluminum has developed a high conductivity copper strip for dry type transformer. Through the adjustment of copper annealing method and rolling mill parameters, the phenomenon that the bell jar furnace coil annealing method is easy to produce bonding is solved. Through the improvement of strip spraying anti adhesion agent device, cutting equipment and cutting method, the adhesion between strips is effectively prevented, and the burr cutting quality of strip edges is controlled. Through the change of finished roll crown, The thickness tolerance accuracy of the product is guaranteed. The product has the characteristics of high conductivity, good mechanical properties and high surface accuracy.

Signi aluminum's high conductivity copper strip is innovative in equipment improvement, annealing, shearing and other processes. Technical index 1. Chemical composition: P content < 0.0010%; Fe content ≤ 0.003%; Cu content ≥ 99.93%; 2. Hardness value hv:54~70; 3. Tensile strength: 205~298n/mm2; 4. Elongation: ≥ 36%; 5. Conductivity: ≥ 98 IACS; 6. The surface is clean, free of cracks, peeling, and the edge cloth is free of burrs. Annealing process and anti bonding measures in order to ensure the uniformity of the internal structure of the product, the project adopts bell type annealing method, but this method is easy to produce bonding between metal layers during annealing. The project reduces the bonding by adjusting the annealing process, improving the annealing convection plate structure, spraying anti bonding agent and plate type control, and redesigns the rolling mill roll shape and pass processing rate, which improves the product plate type while ensuring the thickness tolerance
Improve the cutting process in order to improve the surface quality of products, the project has improved the cutting equipment, installed a deburring device on the cutting equipment, removed the burrs on the edges by using rollers, and improved the cutting method. Through the cantilever Slitter of the self-developed longitudinal shear unit, the quality problems in slitting have been solved, so as to well control the quality control of the burrs on the edges of the strip and ensure the service performance of the transformer strip,
Improvement of rolling process through on-site analysis and investigation and performance anatomy of annealed materials, the process points of hardening of dry-type transformer strip are found out. By extending the holding time, strictly controlling the uncoiling and coiling tension, detaching the coiling s roll, reducing the shear pressing force to below 15 scale and other processes, the hardening phenomenon of amorphous transformer strip in the production process is effectively controlled, and the control of product performance is realized. At the same time, by changing the finished roll crown, the finished roll crown is changed from +0.03mm to +0.01mm. The small crown ensures the flatness of the roll gap, so as to reduce the horizontal deviation. At the same time, combined with increasing the rolling passes, the problem of small rolling force caused by the replacement of the finished roll is solved, and finally the thickness tolerance accuracy of the product is guaranteed
High conductivity copper strip for dry type transformer is mainly used for winding large dry-type transformers. High conductivity copper strip uses high-quality electrolytic copper or special red copper alloy as raw materials to fully ensure the conductivity of transformer copper strip, with a conductivity of 97% - 102% IACS. It is applied to dry-type transformers of high and low voltage transformer lines in the power industry, communication cables for shallow sea, deep sea, long-distance multi-channel and microwave systems.