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Enamelled copper clad aluminum wire for rotary compressor

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2022-06-27 18:20
The winding of the motor for the fully enclosed scroll compressor is mainly made of copper enameled wire. In recent years, due to the rise in the price of electrolytic copper futures, the price of copper enameled wire has continued to rise, with copper enameled wire as the main source.
The scroll compressor industry of materials has been greatly impacted. In response to this urgent situation, enterprises can only relieve the pressure caused by the increase in raw material prices by developing an enameled wire that can not only ensure product performance, but also reduce production costs and replace copper enameled wire through technological innovation.

Enamelled copper clad aluminum wire is a good substitute for pure copper wire, which has the advantages of low density, good transmission performance, low production cost, and convenient engineering construction. The development of a market where copper-clad aluminum wire replaces pure copper wire can achieve a win-win situation for wire and cable manufacturers and users, and can also play a positive role in restraining the rise in copper prices.
Copper clad aluminum wire is a bimetallic composite wire formed by concentrically coating a layer of copper tape on an aluminum rod and drawing. It is a replacement product of copper wire that has developed rapidly in recent years. Copper-clad aluminum wire has the advantages of copper's good conductivity, high strength, good toughness and aluminum's low density and easy processing. Compared with pure copper wire, it has the advantages of light weight, soft wire quality, easy processing, saving copper, Low production cost and convenient engineering, with the advantages of labor, it has broad prospects for development.
Features of Copper clad aluminum wire:
(1) High DC resistivity: The DC resistivity of copper-clad aluminum wire is about that of pure copper wire 1. 5 times; when the resistance is the same, the weight of copper-clad aluminum wire is about 1/2 of that of pure copper wire.
(2) Good corrosion resistance: At present, most copper-clad aluminum wires are produced by the internationally advanced cladding welding process. The copper layer is made of high-purity refined copper with high density and good conductivity.
Metallurgical bonding with the aluminum core wire, which has good adhesion; aluminum is completely covered by copper and will not be contacted by water and air, which improves the weakness of aluminum conductors such as easy oxidation and high contact resistance; copper layer along the circumference The direction and longitudinal distribution are uniform and the concentricity is good.
(3) Low cost and light weight: Compared with copper wire with the same technical indicators, the proportion of copper clad aluminum wire is only 37% to 40% of pure copper wire. Under the same quality and diameter, copper clad aluminum wire with pure
The length ratio of the copper wire is 2. 45: 1 to 2. 68:1, which greatly reduces the cost of cable production;
(4) Good solderability: The copper-clad aluminum wire has the same solderability as the pure copper wire because the surface is concentrically coated with a layer of pure copper, which is convenient for production.
The three-claw paint scraping knife is used to strip the wire, which can remove the film of the copper-clad aluminum wire without damaging the copper layer, so that it can maintain the same good brazing performance as the copper wire; the joints are soldered with special solder and help for the copper-clad aluminum wire. Flux, increase welding strength and reduce virtual welding. The test results show that after the Enamelled copper clad aluminum wire for rotary compressor motor is used in the scroll compressor to replace the copper wire motor, the variation of each performance index does not exceed ± 5% of the specification value of the copper wire compressor, which meets the design requirements.