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Aluminum Enameled Wire for AC Single-phase PM Synchronous Mo

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2022-06-22 17:13
Because the density of aluminum is only 1/3 of copper, and the price is lower. Applying aluminum enameled wire to the motor has obvious price advantage over copper enameled wire. However, due to the high resistivity of the aluminum enameled wire, the wire diameter needs to be increased, and the electromagnetic load needs to be adjusted; the tensile strength of the aluminum enameled wire is low, the winding is easily broken, and the paint film is easily damaged; the surface of the aluminum wire is easily oxidized, and welding is difficult; Solder joints are easily corroded by wet acid and alkali mist, so many technical problems need to be solved to apply aluminum enameled wire to the motor to achieve the same performance and reliable application.

The U-shaped iron core permanent magnet synchronous motor that replaces copper enameled wire with aluminum enameled wire winding effectively solves the problem of electromagnetic scheme adjustment, winding of aluminum enameled wire, fading of paint film, end connection and connection end prevention, technical problems such as corrosion. The product has excellent performance, high efficiency, simple manufacture and reliable quality, especially the cost advantage is obvious. It has been used as a drain pump motor for household washing machines or household dishwashers, and has been put into mass production applications, with an annual output of more than 20 million units. After being used by well-known home appliance brands such as Samsung and Whirlpool, it is generally reported that the reliability of the aluminum wire winding product is completely equivalent to that of the copper wire winding product, and it can meet the requirements of the service life of household appliances for more than 10 years.