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dry type transformer winding material

Source:Original Editing:frank Time:2021-09-23 17:52
In China, the application scope of most dry-type transformers is mainly concentrated in high-rise buildings, local lighting, docks and airports, as well as CNC machine tool lamps and mechanical equipment. From the perspective of structural composition, dry-type transformers are actually windings and cores poured in epoxy resin, which is directly different from oil immersed transformers.

Dry type transformer has the advantages of safe fire prevention, good short circuit resistance, small partial discharge and strong thermal stability. However, in the current production of distribution transformer, it is common for copper wire in dry type transformer winding material to be replaced by aluminum wire. The main reason is that the manufacturer considers copper and aluminum as conductive materials from the perspective of cost, The difference in transformer application is obvious. The conductivity and safety are enough to prove that the copper material of dry-type transformer winding is irreplaceable.

Dry type transformer winding material includes enameled aluminum wire, paper coated aluminum wire, glass fiber coated aluminum wire and special aluminum strip for transformer. Xinyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. specializes in producing aluminum winding materials for dry-type transformers. Its products are sold to all continents around the world, including abb, Siemens, Toshiba, Legrand, etc.